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About RI Medical News

August 2015

Complete Issue

Legislative wrap-up
Provider taxes repealed,much else left undone

2nd Annual RIMS Member Convivium

Recent rulings hold important lessons for doctors

Delegates’ Report: AMA House of Delegates Annual Meeting
Chicago, June 11–15, 2015

A tribute to Dr. Stanley Aronson

Providers and Care Teams Turning to CurrentCare
Improving the quality, safety, and value of healthcare for all Rhode Islanders

AMA and CMS are collaborating to smooth the final push to ICD-10

The RIMS Insurance Brokerage is at your service

RIMS and Coverys announce new partnership

Governor appoints new task force to tackle opioid crisis

RIMS President Peter Karczmar, MD: Letter from the President


August 2014

Complete Issue

Legislative wrap-up

Healthcentric Advisors (formerly Quality Partners) wins first-ever all-New England federal contract worth $53.4 Million over 5 years

Not Your Father’s RIMS Annual Meeting

The Sunshine Act: What physicians need to know

Election year 2014

UnitedHealthcare resumes trimming its MA networks elsewhere

Notes on the Annual Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates

54 schools participated in Tar Wars® 2014/ Bicycle helmet donors

Working for you

Briefly Noted

Reducing risks when patients refuse cancer screening

The RIMS Insurance Brokerage is at your service

RIMS welcomes Baystate Financial as new partner

RIMS President Elaine C. Jones, MD: Insights from my Presidency


January 2014

Complete Issue

UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Advantage cuts, CT counties’ injunction

Regional variations in Medicare payments to physicians

Diary of a Delegate - AMA Interim 2013

HIV infections: “Getting to zero”

Working for you

Briefly Noted

RIMS-IBC’s new partner, Coverys

RIMS founder’s portrait featured at RISD

RIMS President Elaine C. Jones, MD: Connecting the Dots on United’s October Surprise


September 2013

Complete Issue

2013 General Assembly session: legislative report

CMS consolidates contractors again, uniting New England with New York

RIteCare/Medicaid PCP payment boost: an update

AMA chalks up seven (7) wins in U.S. Supreme Court

RIMS bike helmet give-away 2013

Working for you

Rhode Island Tar Wars® produces another national champion

Practice management seminars

Briefly Noted

Rhode Island’s opioid epidemic

Tips for steering clear of problems with pain-med prescribing

RIMS-IBC's new partner, Coverys, named again to Ward’s prestigious top 50

BOOK: Medical Odysseys: A Journey through the Annals of the Rhode Island Medical Society

RIMS President Dr. Alyn L. Adrain: Swamped


April 2013

Complete Issue

Employment contracting: A Primer for Physicians

The RI Medical Journal: A study in transformation and continuity

Dr. Jose Polanco is RIMS’ new Treasurer

Kathleen Boyd, MSW, LICSW is RIMS’ new director of Physician Health

Briefly Noted

RIMS leadership hosts legislators

RIMS Insurance Brokerage Corporation: Full service with a difference

The Rhode Island Free Clinic honors Dr. Gus Manocchia

New HIT and EHR support for specialists and subspecialists

RIMS President Dr. Alyn L. Adrain: Call Joe’s Prior Auth Service


October 2012

Complete Issue

RIMS’ Bicentennial lecture series: Neuroscience and society

States and AMA go to court to defend authority of medical boards to enforce scope of practice

Valuable practice management resources are free from AMA

Briefly Noted

RIMS inaugurates new leadership team, recognizes Drs. DiMase, McDonald, Sweeney for professionalism and service

Presentation of the Rakatansky Award for Professionalism in Medicine
to Dr. Joseph DiMase

Presentation of the Rakatansky Award for Professionalism in Medicine
to Patrick J. Sweeney, MD, PhD, MPH

Medical Odysseys

RIMS President Dr. Alyn L. Adrain: Glancing back, looking ahead


July 2012

Complete Issue

The prospect of a second RI medical school

RIMS Bicentennial
 A toast to RIMS
 General Assembly commemorates the 1812 founding of RIMS
 "Celebrating 200 Years of the Rhode Island Medical Society”
 Inaugural presentations of two new RIMS awards to medical students
 Medical Odysseys

AMA online resources help physicians take charge of their data

RIMS Partners with the AMA in the “Heal the Claims Process”™

Getting fluent in HIPAA 1050 and ICD 10

Briefly Noted

2012 supporters of RIMPAC and AMPAC

RIMS’ 2012 bike safety event for RIteCare families

Doctors help local students choose to be tobacco-free

RIMS joins forces with Butler & Messier

The NORCAL Group has a new CEO

A new service to community health centers

RIMS President Dr. Nitin S. Damle:
The Shifting Sands of Rhode Island Medicine


March 2012

Complete Issue

No Rhode Island entities among the “Pioneer ACOs”

Publication of Medical Odysseys: A Journey through the Annals of the Rhode Island Medical Society

RIMS’ 2012 legislative agenda

General Assembly commemorates the 1812 founding of RIMS

RIMS’ leadership in Washington DC, More photos

Highlights of the 200-year history of the Rhode Island Medical Society

Evaluating and negotiating new payment models

Federal share of Rhode Island Medicaid costs projected to decrease through 2014

New rules for fund transfers aim to ease payment reconciliation

Rosemary Maher, ACSW, LICSW is 2011 Social Worker of the Year

Briefly Noted

RIMS presents Dr. Pablo Rodriguez with the Rakatansky Award

RIMS presents Dr. Arthur A. Frazzano with the Charles L. Hill Award

RI’s first national Tar Wars winner donates her prize back to RIMS and to her school

RIMS President Dr. Nitin S. Damle: Bicentennial reflections


May 2011

Complete Issue

Proposed federal rules on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

“Sorry” gets a hearing in the House

Congressional committees move medical liability bill

RI Senate commission on hospital costs releases report

Information for consumers on health system reform

“The Point” is a central resource for RI seniors, disabled

Patient Centered Medical Home Accreditation Guidelines from AAFP, AAP, ACP, & AOA

U.S. court backs AMA, halts “red flag” implementation

AMA urges changes in health IT program

AMA introduces AMAGINE™, health IT solutions platform for physicians

RIMS issues policy statement on prior authorization

“Prior Authorization” controversy sparks a U.S. Senate investigation

RIMS wins high marks (again) from ACCME

Briefly Noted

MedPAC proposes 2012 Medicare update

CMS limits RAC documentation requests

2011 Medicare benefits for preventive services

Physicians boost RI’s economic health by $4B a year

RIMS President: Dr. Gary Bubly reports



Complete Issue

2011 General Assembly preview

“Prior Authorization”: a hot issue again

Provider taxes

“Red flags” threat recedes

AMPAC 2011 political education programs

AMA resources for physicians

RIMS inaugurates new leadership team

Hill Award for Dr. David Ettensohn

Rakatansky Award for Dr. Caroline Troise

Medicare payments restored through January 1, 2012

CMS home health certification now requires a “face-to-face encounter”

2011 brings enhanced Medicare benefits for preventive services

CMS implementation guide for 2011 Medicare PQRS available online

Avoid 2012 e-Rx penalties by reporting in 2011

Managing adult migraine

Behavior That Undermines a Culture of Safety

Bicentennial Committee laying plans for RIMS 200th in 2012

RIMS President: Dr. Gary Bubly reports



Complete Issue

The 2010 General Assembly session: One for the record books

RIMPAC news: Reform raises stakes in fall elections

On system reform: What were they thinking?

Useful links for system reform and federal regulations

AMA: 2010 House of Delegates Annual Meeting

Dr. Ed Forman on medical ethics as process

National honors for Dr. Aronson and Dr. Hamolsky

Awards for Dr. Ettensohn and Dr. Troise

Tar Wars® Rhode Island: Annual Poster Contest

2010 Bike helmet distribution to RIteCare kids

Beacon Mutual’s divorce from Blue Cross generates confusion

“Regional Extension Center” offers doctors free, practical help with EHRs

Useful links for practice management and health information technology

AMA’s new liability survey: Eye-popping, but not surprising

Tips for Steering Clear of Problems with Pain-Med Prescribing

UnitedHealthcare’s $350 million settlement for past underpayment

Briefly Noted

RIMS President: Reform brings opportunity



Complete Issue

Getting ready for ICD-10 by 2013

Liability notes: Rhode Island and the federal “demonstration projects”

Regional variations in Medicare payments

Will you be ready for PECOS by April 5?

March 17 is the new deadline for Medicare participation decisions

MinuteClinic™ moving its headquarters from Minnesota to Woonsocket

Rakatnasky Award for Edwin Forman, MD; Hill Award for Michael Migliori, MD

EHR Financing Available from Webster Bank

Briefly Noted

RIMS President: Moving ahead collaboratively


JULY 2009

Complete Issue

“Red Flag” regulations may be in force August 1

RI doctors to get model protection against insurers’ abuse of discounts

Saving the Office of Health Insurance Commissioner

2009 TarWars® Rhode Island Statewide Poster Contest

RIMS Foundation Bike Helmet Donations 2009

June AMA House of Delegates Meeting – Report from the RI Delegation

Medical students ride for the uninsured

Briefly Noted; New Specialty Society and RIMS officers


RIMS President: Guilty as Charged; Second Wind

APRIL 2009

Complete Issue

What’s in the stimulus for RI health care?

2009 State Legislative Session

How to find information about a legislative bill online

RI Foundation boosts primary care

New AMA resources for your practice

Medicare e-prescribing incentive payments

RIMS President: Cost is in the Driver's Seat Now


RIMS President: Inaugural Address


Complete Issue

RIMS 2008 Legislative Wrap-up

AMA Honors Ginaitt

AAFP honors RIMS

Tribute to Dr. Rak

New AMA resources for your practice

New avenue for dialogue with the RI Blues

PCPs using EMRs can earn more from BCBSRI

RIMS President: Term in review




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